Asanas for stress relief

Stress affects all of us. If we create conditions and space for our body, the body will have the ability to self-heal. To relieve stress, we let everything be, we tune in to our breath and just let it flow. […]


Lord Shiva┬┤s pose The asana developing balance, concentration and coordination of body. This position can help to build self-coinfidence and em.powerment The meaning of nata = actor/dancer raja = king Nataraja is name given to Hindu god Shiva posturing as […]

Yoga at home

Our body is like a vehicle which needs care and maintenance with all the routines in a regular period of time. Yoga is a science of right living and, as such, it should be incorporated in daily life. It works […]

SAVASANA – Corpse pose

Shava means corpse, and in this position we imitate the corpse – a state in which the “breath of life” has ceased and the body lies quietly without the slightest movement.Savasana is the most important posture and one of the […]