Golden principles for meditation

We tend to live between the past and future and let the present float around unnoticed. Practicing meditation, we become aware of the existence. When you meditate, you can understand without words.

  1. Meditation is not an action, it is a quality that you bring to every action you do
  2. Meditation is based on your inner disposition (= preparation)
  3. The preparation for meditation is more important than actual meditation (the preparation for the sleep is more important than the actual sleep – keep the body still, drop the mind…and sleep just happens…)
  4. Whatever is coming out, is going away…don’t identify, don’t stop it, let it go
  5. Patience is the key word for success in meditation. Watching is the watch word in meditation. Om is the password for success in meditation
  6. Meditation is like controlled death
  7. Every time you sit for meditation, you are doing as though for the first time. From the freshness of the present moment…
  8. Meditation begins the very moment you sit…sitting posture, relaxation of the body, closing the eyes…they all are integral part of our meditation
  9. A distraction is a distraction only when you mentally resist it, label it and brand it
  10. There is a silence in the background of every noise or sound. Your focus should be on the silence, not on the sound.
  11. Meditation cannot change problems, but can give you strength to solve the problems.
  12. A serious meditator should love solitude. Solitude is a nectar for meditator
  13. A calm, quiet and empty mind is a strong mind. A restless and agitated mind is a weak mind. You aren’t body, you aren’t mind, you are the universal consciousness.
  14. Meditation is conscious sleep. Sleep is unconscious meditation.
  15. Meditation will help you to change your attitude.