Lord Shiva┬┤s pose

The asana developing balance, concentration and coordination of body. This position can help to build self-coinfidence and em.powerment

The meaning of nata = actor/dancer raja = king

Nataraja is name given to Hindu god Shiva posturing as cosmic dancer. The pose is depicted in many Bharatnatyam dancing statues in 13-18 century.

Natarajasana is not convenient for people suffering from back problems, hernia, vertigo, weak heart or high blood pressure.


Start standing with feet together and concentrate one point in front of you.

Bend the right knee and grasp the right big toe. Right leg is rising, swivel shoulder, elbow of arm holding the big toe point upward.

The leg should not twist and should be raised nearer to the back of the head.

Try to reach upward and forward with the left arm, thumb of the left hand together to form jnana mudra.

Focus on the left hand – you are reaching final position.

Try to hold for 5 to 10 breaths, then slowly release and practise three times on each side.

Lower the left arm to the side, release the right leg to the floor and right arm to the side.